Where to buy classic black ballet flats

black ballet flats

All shoes: Accessorize

I’ve said it before, and I have absolutely no doubt that I’ll be saying it again at some point in the future (or probably at many, many points in the future, knowing me), but often the shoes you THINK should be the easiest to find are actually the trickiest.

Take black ballet flats, for instance. People disagree about most things shoe-related, but one of the few things most of us CAN agree on is that a good pair of black flats will almost certainly come in useful sooner or later. I’m not a betting woman, but I’d still bet that most of the people reading this will have owned at least one pair of plain black flats in their lifetime -maybe even LOTS of pairs, if you’re anything like me.

For that reason alone, you’d think the shops would be full of classic black ballet flats, wouldn’t you? Given their popularity, I’d expect to be able to find them absolutely everywhere – and while you CAN find shoes that fit that general description in quite a few stores, finding a really GREAT pair is much more difficult for some reason. Or it WAS until now, anyway, because tonight I’ve discovered an awesome source of black ballet flats: Accessorize. Yes, the store best known for selling hats, scarves, gloves, and, well, accessories. The clue is in the name there, isn’t it?

Accessorize might not be best known for shoes, however, but they do sell them, and while the selection isn’t the largest you’ll find, it’s actually pretty good. Accessorize are particularly good for flats (I’ve purchased a few pairs from there in the past), and right now they’re especially good for black flats. The shoes in the image are all from there, and are just a few of the styles available at the moment. Personally, I’d buy the round-toed patent flats, the satin pointed flats and the black-and-gold flats just for starters, but there’s basically a style to suit almost everyone: you just have to decide which one suits you!

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