Two pairs of wine red knee boots

wine red knee boots

Yup, I’m talking about red boots again, folks: not just ANY old red boots, though – wine red knee boots. That’s TOTALLY different from all of the other pairs of red boots I’ve featured here, isn’t it?

My interest in wine red knee boots was triggered by these ‘Vintage’ boots by Nine West, which are the perfect shade of red.  I mean, let’s face it: as much as I like to LOOK at bright red boots, if I actually tried to wear a pair of them, I’d feel like I was in fancy dress, as Wonder Woman, wouldn’t I? (And I’m ShoeperWoman, so that just wouldn’t be right AT ALL.) This colour, on the other hand, is just red enough to make it stand out from the usual browns, blacks and greys, but not red enough to make them the kind of boots you’d rush to buy, but then never actually wear, because every time you put them on, you’d end up taking them right back off again.

I also like the mid-height heel here: I know I normally take a “the higher, the better” approach to heels, but I think this one is perfectly suited to the vintage look of the boot – oh, and the gold hardware is a nice tough, too.

Once I’d found these boots, I decided to go in search of some more wine red boots, and almost immediately discovered these ones from Pink Boutique:

wine red over the knee boots

These are a very different style from the first pair I showed you, but I like the way the boot hugs the leg (so much more flattering when you’re wearing them with skirts or dresses!), and I’m also a fan of over-the-knee boots in general: they create a much more streamlined silhouette than a knee boot does, and the wine red colour of these ones is an added bonus!


  • I love that colour – New Look have been teasing me with some very similar with their stalking ads (“Take another look at this product that is sold out in your size!”)

  • I love those wine red leather boots. I agree with you its a much better colour than a bright red. I love over knee boots too, but those suedette ones won’t be on my list I’m afraid.

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