Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 20 Roundup

It’s week 20!

And we’re finally back to regular roundups! Thanks again to all of the Challengettes for your patience during the past few weeks while I’ve been on vacation and away from my computer. It’s been really great to catch up with everyone’s progress again now that I’m back. I also think this is the first ever roundup to feature someone actually riding a pig and a horse in the same week, so hats off to Moni for that, and well done to everyone for their excellent shoe saving work!

As the Shoe Challenge goes into its four month, I know some of you have been struggling a little to get through shoes as quickly as you’d like, although for some of you it’s been full speed ahead! How are you finding the challenge?

(P.S. Just a quick note to say that the Weekly Roundups contain photos from the current week only : I’m still getting quite a lot of people saving up their images for a few weeks, and then sending them all at the same time – I’m still looking into maybe adding a forum to the site, or having some other way to manage the submissions better, but until I come up with something I’m really sorry, but I’m not able to accept backdated submissions: hope you all understand!)


  • I’m just past my half-way mark, which I’m pleased with, but I sometimes wear the shoes & take the pictures, but then get delayed posting them to my blog. Like in week 20, I saved 3 pairs (Wed-Thurs-Fri), but didn’t have time to post them until today (the start of week 21). I e-mailed you the link, but if you can’t post the pictures because they were taken in week 20, then I’ll just post it in the comments next week, if that’s OK?

    • If you posted them this week that’s no problem… I totally understand that sometimes there’s a delay in posting (I’m currently going through all my photos from my holiday, for instance, so they’re a few weeks old!) and it’s honestly no big deal: I’m really just trying to avoid situations where people are sending me lots of links at the same time, having posted them weeks ago but forgotten to email them. And obviously I understand that happening too, because it’s easy to forget, it’s just that when a lot of people do it on the same week it means I can end up with literally hundreds of photos to try and process, and I just don’t have the time, unfortunately. I really hate not being able to include every photo, though, so as I said, I’m trying to figure out a way to make the process easier for everyone – just haven’t quite worked out what it is, yet!

  • So far it has been pure fun!
    It’s almost a shame that I’m already on the home straight with only seven more pairs to rescue. (Although at least three of those will be really difficult – this is where the true challenge starts! 😉 ) But on the other hand this leaves me with a clean conscience should I decide to stock up my collection. 😀
    I’m glad that I joined the Shoe Challenge, it has already changed a lot about the way I dress and wear shoes. This week I have worn a different pair every day. That would not have happened last year.
    So thank you, Amber, for running this challenge, and I’m looking forward to the next roundups. *hugs*

    • Oh that’s great to hear 🙂 I found last year’s really changed the way I dressed too – I think it does force you to think about it more, and maybe try some things you wouldn’t otherwise have tried!

      It’s those final few pairs that are the killer, though – will look forward to seeing them!

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