Shoe Save # 68/81: Dark Days

grey thigh high boots

SHOES: River Island grey over-the-knee boots
SAVED: Friday, December 16th, 2011
WITH: Skirt, ASOS via eBay; sweater,thrifted; beck bow, tie from a dress

You see this sweater, folks? You’re going to be seeing a lot more of this sweater. In fact, you already have: not only did I wear it in my last Challenge post (It has been washed since then, I promise!), I’ve also worn it numerous other times on this blog, which is pretty good going for a £3 sweater picked up in a thrift store about 5 years ago now! This time around, I tried to make it look a little different by adding a polka dot pussy bow (the belt from a dress I no longer have) around the neck, but yeah, it’s still That Sweater, no denying it. Normally the elbow-length sleeves would be too cold for me, but for some reason I’m actually OK in this indoors – I do throw a cardigan on under my coat when I go out, though!)

The skirt was also a bargain: it started off life as an ASOS prom dress, which I searched for on eBay, having picked up the pink version of it in a thrift store, and turned it into a skirt (with a little help from my mum. OK, a LOT of help from my mum.). I’m wearing it here with grey suede thigh-high boots from River Island: I don’t normally like combining two dark colours in one outfit, but these boots needed to be saved and, well, I was in a bit of a “wear black, pretend to be arty” kind of mood. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it looked less gloomy in person than it did in my low-light photos!

Speaking of that: it’s getting really, really hard to take photos indoors now (especially when I’m wearing black!) because of the lack of light. These were taken at around 3.30pm, but already it was too dull to get a decent shot, so I’ve had to really bump the contrast to allow you to actually see me! Apologies for that – and roll on Springtime!


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