Shoe Challenge Shoe Counts: Part 1

Julia of Shoe Loving, 122 shoes

I was going to wait until the first day of the Shoe Challenge to post all of your fabulous photos of your collections, but as we now have 70 participants (wow!) I think that might be a tad ambitious for one single post, so I’m going to start now, and continue with these posts until the challenge starts. Before I do start, though, I just want to make it clear that if you haven’t sent in a photo of your shoe collection yet, there’s absolutely no rush (in fact, you don’t have to photograph the entire collection at all if you don’t want to, it’s purely an optional extra that I thought might be fun), so please don’t take this post to mean that you have to get all your shoes photographed rightthisverysecond or anything (trust me, I know how time-consuming it is getting all those shoes out and then putting them all back again!).

Also, quite a few you had to photograph your collections in a few different photos (understandably!), and to save bandwidth, where that was the case I’ve simply selected one photo to publish here and then linked back to your blog post, where people can see the rest. As the images are large, and there are a lot of them, I’ve also had to put them into a gallery, because otherwise the page would take a reeeeaaallly long time to load with so many images on it. The good thing about that, though, is that it meant that I could maximize the size of each image, and each one also has its own separate comments box, so hopefully it worked out for the best!

Finally, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who’s sent in photos so far: I’ve really, really enjoyed looking at your collections – I mean, what could be better than lots of pretty shoes, all in one place?

(P.S. I put this post togther late last night, and it contains everyone who’d submitted a photo – to the best of my knowledge – up to that point. As I said, this is just the first of what will probably be a few posts like this, so if you weren’t included, don’t worry, you will be soon, but  can I request that anyone else blogging their collection photos sends a quick email to with a link to their post so I definitely don’t miss anyone out? Thanks!)


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