Office ‘Kiss Chase’ pastel platform sandals

Office Kiss Chase

I honestly don’t know what to make of these shoes. On the one hand, they’re certainly summery, and that goes a long way with me: I can forgive a shoe a lot if it at least makes me think of summer!

On the other hand, however, I’m a little worried about those flowers on the heel: as big a fan as I am of oversized embellishments, and as much as I like the pastel colours used here, they’re just a little bit awkwardly placed, and are going to both enlarge the ankle area and draw attention to it – not necessarily a good thing.

For me, then, these fall firmly into the “would have to see them on a foot” category. Other people have clearly been more decisive about them, though, because they’re already sold out in a few sizes at Office, where they’re £70: click here to find out if your size is still available.


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