Versus patent and mesh pumps

versus patent and mesh pumps

I know I said I was done with mint coloured shoes after my last post about them, but you all knew I was lying about that, right? Well, if you didn’t, you do now, because hey, look, it’s a pair of mint coloured shoes, imagine that!

These ones are by Versus, and are £440 at Net-a-Porter. They’re also slightly different from the multitude of other mint heels we’ve been seeing recently, because they’re not sandals. Instead, these combine a closed toe with a slingback, and use mesh sections in between the patent leather to give the impression of there being less “shoe” than there actually is here.

I think this is a shoe I’d really need to see in person to make my mind up about: I (naturally) love the colour, but I’m not so keen on the shape, as I always find closed toe slingbacks a little dated looking.

If you’re less obsessed with the colour mint than I am, however, for just £10 more you can have another take on the “mesh and patent” look from Versus:

Versus patent and mesh pumps

What do you think?

Versus mint patent heels, £440, Net-a-Porter: click here to buy them.


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