ASOS PROP Leather Pointed Platform Court Shoes

ASOS PROP Leather Pointed Platform Court Shoes

Yes, it’s those pointed toes again! They’re pretty much inescapable right now, but these ones are attached to a very small platform, which makes them just a little bit different to some of their point-toed sisters. It wasn’t the platform or the toes which made me stop and take a second look at these, though – it was that lovely, duck-egg blue shade on the right. It’s always been a bit of a favourite of mine, but I don’t actually own any shoes in this particular shade, which is very remiss of me.

I’m not going to be owning these ones either, because they’re £60, and I think I’ve bought more than enough pairs of shoes this month already, but if you fancy buying a pair, in either this or the bright pink upper which is also available, you can click here to get them at ASOS.


  • The blue is a little muddled for me but I like the raspberry, it’s a very unusual shade. The issue is I never got much use from classic pumps in non-classic colors. I cant see wearing these colors with a conservative suit for work, but the style is too stuffy to wear with cocktail dress. Though I bet KMid would disagree.

  • I haven’t bought any shoes this month so I could totally justify them. Both of them, because I can’t choose which colour I like more.

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