River Island gold platform sandals

River Island gold platform sandals

Gold platform sandals from River Island, £60

Gold platform sandals have been making a bit of a comeback recently, and after a few years of mainly non-platform styles, shoes are once again so high they’ll give you a whole new perspective on the world. (Literally, I mean: when I wear very high platforms again after having a bit of a break from them, I’m always amused by the change in height, and the fact that I can suddenly see the top of fridge – which is both a good thing and a bad thing, because I normally start noticing things that need to be cleaned: gah! But I digress…)

These sandals are from River Island, and although some people will probably shy away from them, finding the platform sole and gold upper a little bit too much, I kind of love them: yes, they have a bit of a “shoes you’d wear to a nightclub” feel, but with a bit of careful styling, they’ll lose that association, and simply be awesome shoes, which will add a bit of a punch to longer length skirts and dresses. Speaking of which, I also love this pink leather look pencil skirt from the same brand:

pink leather look pencil skirt

I recently heard someone say that pale pink is a colour that should only be worn in spring and summer, but I totally disagree. I actually think you can wear any colour, at any time of year, as long as the fabric is right for the season. So while I wouldn’t wear this skirt in autumn if it was a thin cotton or chiffon fabric, say, the faux leather will be warm and durable, and I can’t think of a single reason you shouldn’t wear it for fall. I always think pale colours look very luxurious during winter, assuming the fabric is warm enough, and while I wouldn’t necessarily wear this with the gold platform sandals, I’m not saying I wouldn’t wear them, either.

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  • I like these a lot. I actually think they look quite classy. The gold is definitely the best colour. I could see a red carpet starlet rocking these for sure, and I don’t think they would look out of place.

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