Miss KG ‘Ellie’ platform sandals

Miss KG 'Ellie' platform sandals

Miss KG ‘Ellie’ sandals, £80

As some of you know, I’ve been in sunny California for the past three weeks, and coming home has been a bit like going from mid-summer right into the depths of winter: not because of the weather (it’s actually been quite warm here in the UK, surprisingly!), but because in the short time I’ve been away, the shops have filled up with party shoes and winter boots – a sign of things to come, for sure.

Now, I have to admit, I’m nowhere near ready to start thinking about the party season – I mean, let’s at least get Halloween out of the way first, before we start thinking about Christmas, right? I’m definitely not going to complain about the presence of shoes like these ones on my favourite websites  – even although I have absolutely no reason to actually NEED them right now. Or, you know, EVER, knowing my life. I’ve had to lighten the photo a little to let you see the detail, but as you can see, these are high-heeled platform sandals, with a whole lot of glitter on top. (There’s also a plain black version, but if you’re buying party shoes, you may as well go for the glitter, right?) and one of those cute little bows that have started to become something of a Kurt Geiger trademark.

These also have a high, stiletto heel and platform sole, which will make them perfect for all of those midi-length skirts and dresses I like to wear. As for those of you who AREN’T into 50s style, well, that 70s revival is still in full swing, and I have a feeling that some of those flared pants and A-line skirts could benefit from a pair of these heels, too: I always think this kind of heel height looks fantastic with longer hems, but of course, if you prefer to go with shorter ones, they’ll be good with those, too – and that particular combination has the power to make your legs look endless, even when they’re not!

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