Roberto Cavalli black patent bow shoes

Roberto Cavalli black patent bow shoes Roberto Cavalli black patent bow shoes

Um, WOW.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Roberto Cavalli isn’t a brand I pay a whole lot of attention to: in fact, if I had to characterize it, I’d probably sum the brand up (possibly unfairly) as “resort-wear for very rich people, who like a lot of animal print”. And, of course, I’m NOT a very rich person, and the only place I’d ever wear animal print is on my feet (By which I mean on my shoes, obviously), so all of those zebra print jumpsuits and the like just don’t appeal to me at all.

These shoes are absolutely nothing like that, though – as I’m sure I don’t need to point out. I mean, you have eyes, right?

No, these shoes are pretty much the OPPOSITE of the type of thing I’ve come to associate with Roberto Cavalli, but that doesn’t make them ordinary: far from it. That bow, in fact, is TO DIE FOR. It’s just so … I want to say “spiky” here, but it’s not quite the right word. It is, however, a very dramatic, edgy kind of bow, which is worlds away from the very soft, feminine look which a bow on a shoe will normally create. I love it, and I also love the black patent pump it’s attached to, which is one of those classic styles I never get tired of. If I had one wish regarding this shoe, it would be for a slightly more slender heel: I don’t dislike this one, but it’s rather more chunky than stilettos tend to be, and I think the shoe would look a little more elegant with a slimmer heel. It’s a minor point, however, and with that bow on the toe, I somehow doubt anyone’s going to notice the heel!

Oh, and if you like these, you’ll find lots more Roberto Cavalli styles over at Spartoo!

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  • I would have tried to buy them on the spot just for the look of the uppers and the bow, but after viewing some other images of these black patent bow shoes, contrary to your commentary, the shape of the chunky heels has dampened my fervor quite a bit. Are these heels even on the market, for I can’t find a seller?

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