Brian Atwood Alis Suede Pom-Pom Pumps

Brian Atwood Alis Suede Pom-Pom Pumps

Brian Atwood Alis Suede Pom-Pom Pumps, £611

Well, it looks like Brian Atwood definitely got the memo about the “pom pom frenzy” River Island claimed was coming this season, doesn’t it? And not only that, Brian decided to out-do every other pom pom on the shoe blog with the biggest, boldest, and, some would say, best pom pom EVER. These are really quite something, aren’t they?

Of course, Brian Atwood is no stranger to the pom pom look – I’ve featured shoes with pom poms from this brand before, and I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if there are many more of them to come, too. What do you make of these, though? My instinct is to adore them: they’re definitely not your average pair of pumps, after all, and a design like this just has to be admired as far as I’m concerned. They are, however, probably going to be just a little bit tricky to style for some of us. One of the reasons I’d shied away from the pom pom look in the past is that it can end up looking a bit clownish if you’re not careful, and the bigger the pom pom, the greater the chance of that happening.

This is definitely a pretty big pom pom – in fact, it would be hard to make it any larger without it swamping the foot entirely. When you combine the sheer size of the thing with the two very bright colours that make up the upper, these are shoes that are designed to get noticed, and if you’re the kind of person who prefers a more subtle, sophisticated look, you’ll probably find yourself admiring the sleek red pump more than the pom pom attached to it. If, however, you think you can pull these off, you’ll definitely make a statement with these – just what KIND of a statement remains to be seen!

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