Zara tan suede knee boots with cone heel

Zara tan suede knee boots with cone heel

Zara tan suede knee boots with cone heel, £69.99

I can’t quite believe I’m going to say this, because they’re my favourite high street brand, and have been for years, but I’m not loving Zara’s autumn / winter collection so far. I mean, sure, they make great basics, and fanastic outerwear, and I’m sure there are a few pieces of both that I’ll love (and probably end up buying at some point…), but most of the clothing is just so heavy on the 70s-inspiration that it all feels a bit like stepping into a time-machine to me.

Denim overalls.

Gigantic flares.

Paisley print.

A-line midi dresses that look great on the models, but which would just look hideously frumpy on the likes of me.

Honestly, I know the 70s look is currently the height of fashion, but it all just looks incredibly dated to me, in a way that styles from the 50s or early 60s, say, never do. Somehow those looks manage to be “retro”, without looking old-fashioned, while bell-bottoms and paisley print has the opposite effect. Anyway, I’m rambling here, but while I’m unlikely to be buying too many of the clothes from the current collection, the shoes are another matter altogether, and these boots? These I love. They’re the perfect shade of tan, for one thing, but there’s also that fabulous little cone-shaped heel, which makes them seem more contemporary. Speaking of which, Zara have styled them with a predictably 70s-style dress, but I’d wear these over jeans or leggings, for a casual, yet still reasonably polished look. And, of course, if you do like to follow trends – or just like the current ones – you could definitely make these work with the ol’ a-line skirts, too. Me, I’m just pleased to have found something I like amongst all that paisley print…

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  • Have to agree with you this time. The designs they’ve gone for remind me too much of my youth. Next thing you’ll see is young girls with tartan scarfs tied around their wrists. I mean I’ve heard that the Bay City Rollers might be making a comeback.

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