Shoe of the Day | Minna Parikka ‘Peace’ multicoloured high heel shoes

Minna Parikka 'Peace' multicoloured high heel shoes

Minna Parikka ‘Peace’ multicoloured high heel shoes, 350 EUR

I featured one pair of shoes from the current Minna Parikka collection last week, and mentioned that I had a few more in store for you. Well, here’s the next offering from this quirky brand: the ‘Peace’ pumps!

I first saw these shoes from the side, and absolutely loved them. Lavender, yellow, blue, mint, pink… all colours I love, but not colours I’d ever have considered putting together, until I saw them on these shoes. It’s a sugary-sweet colour combination (Some might say sickeningly so…), and one that might require some careful styling. I think it totally works, though, and I was really excited about these… until I looked at the front view, and noticed the hand, flashing the peace symbol.

Hmmm. I’m not so sure about these now. It’s a great message, don’t get me wrong, and I still love the colours: the inclusion of the hand takes these straight into ‘novelty shoe’ territory, however, and it’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of the novelty shoe.

I’m featuring these all the same, though, because regardless of whether or not I’d wear them personally, I still love them for the fact that they’re totally different from everything else we’ve been seeing lately, and although they’re unusual, I don’t think they’d be impossible to style either. Speaking of which…


jeans with pink top and multicoloured shoes

jeans / top / sunglasses  / bag / nail polish 

There are enough different colours in the shoes themselves for me not to want to add any more to the mix, so I’ve gone for a casual look, using the same (or similar) pastel shades to the ones which appear on the shoes: an easy way to build an outfit around a multicoloured accessory.

Shoe Specifics:

♥ Heel height: 11cm
♥ Covered platform: 1.5cm
♥ Upper: leather
♥ Lining: leather

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