High Street Vs High End | jewelled heels from Gucci and Dune

jewelled heels by Gucci and Dune Gucci vs Dune

I showed you some shoes with embellished heels yesterday, and now here are two more pairs – although you may notice a few similarities between the two!

The shoes on the left are Gucci’s ‘Leila’ jewelled heel platforms: they’re £789, and have black suede uppers, slim ankle straps and that amazing, crystal heel.

The shoes on the right, meanwhile, also have black suede uppers, slim ankle straps, and amazing, crystal embellished heels – these, however, are Dune’s ‘Hidihi’ sandals, and they’re currently just £87, down from the original £125.

No, the two styles aren’t identical: the Gucci shoe has a single strap at the front, whereas the Dune version has a peep toe; the Dune shoe has an enclosed heel, the Gucci has an open one; the Dune shoes have a thicker heel, and it looks slightly lower, too. They may not be identical, however, but they’re definitely very similar, right down to the gold trim separating the individual crystals on each heel. The casual observer might have a difficult time working out which was the designer shoe and which the high street one – and even those who know their shoes might want to see them in person to make up their mind.

For many of us, of course, the price will be the deciding factor here: there’s a £702 difference in the price, and that’s definitely not to be sniffed at, especially for the type of shoe you wouldn’t exactly be able to wear every day. For myself, I like the heel on the Gucci shoe, and the uppers on the Dune version (which I think would be more comfortable to wear: the enclosed heel and larger toe box will probably make the foot feel a little more secure in them), so a cross between the two would be the perfect compromise. Given the difference in price, however, well, I know where my money would be going, that’s for sure!

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