Primark Autumn 2009 shoe collection


Autumn is the very last thing I want to think about at the moment, but think about it I must, because Primark have now revealed their Autumn 2009 shoe collection (you can view the clothing over at The Fashion Police) and I want to know what you all think of it.

At the centre of the collection are the £25 over-the-knee boots, which will be available from October. Over-the-knee and thigh highs are going to be huge this winter, and I guess you won’t get them much cheaper than these. You’ll find more under the jump – remember and tell me what you think! Do you buy shoes from Primark, or do you prefer to save your pennies for something more expensive?

(Although from the Autumn collection, some of these are in-store now, so look under each shoe for more info.)


A studded high heel boot £19.00 due in store beg. November.


Studded platform £19.00 due in store end of June.


Over the knee tassel boot £25.00 due in store end of September.


Peep toe ankle cuff shoe £17.00 due in store mid July.


Stud fringe moccasin boot £14.00 due in store mid July .


Reptile gold super platform £25.00 due in store beg October.


Studded mid heel court shoe £17.00 due in store mid September.


Studded heel platform shoe £15.00 due in store mid September.


Tassel peeptoe platform £21.00 in store now


  • Oooo! I adore the studded purple platform and the ‘reptile gold super platform’ – s.
    I’d definitley buy them as they’re very.. seasonal. You’d maybe get away with them for about six months before they started to look dated. For £14 that’s not bad.
    I can absolutley see myself in those mega high, studded brown platforms though.. gorgeous.

  • Nope, can’t say I like any of these that much. The brown studded heel platforms are not bad, but everything else just looks way ott, and not in a good way.

  • I do like a few pairs but must say, they really aren’t Primark prices any more which makes me sad…I liked it when primark shoes were no more than £15 a pair…

  • Being a very tall person I could get away with those stupid boots but I wouldn’t want to. I don’t care how “trendy” it is. We don’t have Primark in Australia so I have no opinion on their stuff.

    • Hmm, I dunno. I don’t have any shoes from Primark, so I don’t know about their stuff specifically, but I do have some shoes from New Look (also cheap) which have lasted years, and are really comfortable. I think it possibly depends on the brand, or maybe on the individial shoe.

  • The thigh high boot is what I will have to purchase next year? I’m all for being in fashion and following the trends, but each autumn I end up spending a percentage of my savings on a more and more expensive boot, since they get higher and more elaborate as we go. Arg!

  • Presumably only the big stores will get in these beauties? I love the over-the-knee flat black boots with tastles and want them so badly, only our primark is rubbish. I live in the South West… any ideas if Bristol or Exeter stores will be getting them? 🙂

  • I have quite a few pairs of shoes from Primark and they have always lasted quite well for fashion shoes, you have to remember thats what they are ‘fashion’ shoes, so are not supposed to last very long, just one season maybe. But I have some that have lasted a lot longer. And at that price who can complain anyway!!

  • After finding this website last week i went straight to Primark and bought the tan tassle boots and the purple platforms, aswell as about 4 other gorgeous pairs that are not on here. So glad i found this website otherwise i could have missed out on some great bargains!

  • Hi i really want to purchase the thigh high boots as these are a real bargain, when will they be in store please help??????????????????????

  • Heyy, ive got the the “Over the knee tassel boot £25.00 due in store end of September”. i bought them 2 weeks ago from the store in Leicester. There were hardly any on the shelf, yet when you look on ebay there are plenty – for around double the price!!!! i think primark should not be allowed to sell multiples of items like this – it ruins it for the rest of the customers!

  • I read and enjoy many of your posts but am too lazy (busy?) to leave a comment on every one. I’ve enjoyed your posts very much. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time.

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