ASOS leather side trim ankle boots in bright blue

blue-asos-bootsIf only these boots didn’t have that “keyring-clip” detail on the side!

It occurred to me last winter that ankle boots, for some reason, are woefully under-represented in the Shoeper Shoe Closet, and the bright blue colour of theses ones caught my attention right away. (They’re also available in black, if you prefer. I also like the shape, which is a little bit slouchy and casual, and would look great with jeans, leggings or skirts.

So it’s really only the keyring that troubles me, although I guess at least you’d always have somewhere to keep your keys on a night out? No? OK…

BUY: ASOS leather side-trim ankle boots, £85


  • I love the color. Plus, although I would need to see them in person, I suspect it wouldn’t be impossible to take the keyring off. Then you could put beads or charms or ribbons or whatever strikes your fancy between the loops. Although I realize one doesn’t usually drastically alter designer shoes, if you really hate that one little detail, why not?

  • I love the colour, in fact I have a pair of booties in this colour, but they’re suede with only a tiny heel. I just wish these ones didn’t have the keyring thing and maybe that they didn’t come up quite as high. I prefer boots that come up just to my ankles…maybe because I have short legs and I worry these would make them look even shorter.

  • The point of the boot IS the keyring. Why would you take it off? There are a million boots out there that DON’T have a keyring…

    On a side note, my general rule is that the shoe cannot be brighter than the outfit itself red is an exception). This colour hence gets a “disapproved”.

    And black will make the shoe look Emo : ( Tone down the colour and we are good to go : D

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