Shoe Save # 51/75: Black vintage-look boots from New Look

Outfit featuring black skinny jeans and oots

WHAT: Black three-quarter length boots from New Look
WHEN: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October, 2011
WITH: Citizens of Humanity jeans (c/o Shopbop),  New Look jacket

This weekend was my parents’ Ruby wedding anniversary, and, not being the types to want a lot of fuss, they decided they wanted to go and see Bob Dylan, who was playing in Glasgow last weekend. I’m a huge Dylan fan, so I got to go too (Don’t worry, they did invite me!), and because our tickets were for the standing area of the concert, I knew I’d need footwear I’d be comfortable in, and which I wouldn’t mind being trodden on occasionally, as is the way with concerts!

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but when it comes to comfort, I find heeled boots to be my best friends: a small heel gives more support than a flat, and the fact that your foot is fully enclosed just seems to make the shoe more comfortable, and less prone to sliping and sliding around. With that in mind, I decided to go with these New Look boots, because as well as fulfilling all of those other requirements, the fact that I’d had them for years means that they’re well and truly worn in, so I knew they’d be comfortable enough to stand around in for a few hours! (I was right about being trodden on, too: ouch!) I wore them again the next day, for a long walk with the dog, and I totally forgot to get a close-up of them, but trust me, you’re not missing much: they’re old, and a bit past their best and, well, they’re black boots: they all start to look the same after a while, don’t they?

These will probably only last for one more winter, and they’re due a visit to the cobbler soon, to be re-heeled, but for now, they’re safe!

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  • I want to see the rest of that outfit! Really like the boots but love that style of jacket. It can be really hard to pull off, though from what I can see looks like you are managing admirably.

  • I am in love with that jacket Amber! Finding short jackets that are warm and fitted is a near impossible task I’ve discovered, and will be even harder now that I’ll be looking for one exactly like that 😉

    Those boots are the epitome of the classic black boot – no silly little additions like bows or a zillion studs, a great heel height and a nice almond heel. Poifect!

    • Thanks, Kerry – believe it or not, I found that jacket in New Look’s sale section back in August for £12! I have no idea why they were selling off winter stuff in August, but it seemed like too big a bargain to pass up! It’s a size bigger than I normally wear, but I just moved the buttons to make it a bit more fitted: It has a huuuge collar too, which is one of my coat-weaknesses!

  • I second Kerry’s words, I loved the boots (I’m a boot lover!), but the jacket is amazing!!!! The outfit looks gorgeous and perfect for the concert! I hope you had lots of fun there (I’m sure you did!)

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