John Galliano shoes at Spartoo

John Galliano suede court shoes

Did you know you could buy John Galliano shoes at Spartoo now? I didn’t, and I have to be honest and say the brand is one I’d normally class as a “favourite”, or go out of my way to seek down. Well, not until I saw the shoes at the top of the page, anyway: because just look at them! That combination of navy and green suede, finished with a silver metallic heel, is something really special, and the high stiletto heel finishes them off to perfection. It’s not often I find a heel as high as this one (It’s 13cm, but there is a small covered platform to balance it out) or a winter-appropriate shoe that has this degree of ‘wow’ factor. For the most part, shoes released for autumn/winter tend to err a little bit on the “sensible” side: these are anything BUT, and while they’re obviously not “winter appropriate” in the sense that you’d be able to walk around in the snow and ice in them (that’s definitely NOT something I’d recommend here!), they will work perfectly with a pair of thick black tights, on days when you don’t have an icy footpath to contend with.

Of course, I couldn’t just leave it there: I had to go and investigate the other John Galliano offerings on the site, which brings me to these patent and suede loafers:

patent and suede loafers

Now, loafers don’t generally appeal to me in the slightest: in fact, they always remind me of school shoes, and that’s something I’d much rather NOT be reminded of. As with the pair above, however, there’s absolutely nothing “sensible” or schoolgirl-ish about these: the high heel and “grown up” look of the shoe sees to that, and I really like the contrast of the patent and suede, too. If you’re worried about the heel height, meanwhile, at least you have that little strap to keep them on your feet!


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