The Biggest Bow Shoes in all the Land

red bow shoes

Bows on shoes are one of many shoe-related weakness of mine, so when I first laid on these red sandals by Malone Souliers, they stopped me in my tracks. This isn’t a brand I’ve featured here before, but if they keep on making shoes like these, I’m sure you’ll be seeing them again: to be perfectly honest, I think the bows are probably a bit too large to be easily wearable (for me at least), but they ARE big, bold and very dramatic, and they earn shoeper points for those reasons alone.

Unfortunately, the side view isn’t quite as compelling:

navy and red bow shoes

I’ve said it before, but I find this kind of heel height rather awkward: I prefer my shoes either very high, or very low, and the in-between stages are never quite as interesting to me, for that reason. That’s just me, though: I know there are plenty of people out there who love this kind of height, and wear it really well, so if you’re one of them, this one’s for you!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this brand, some of their other offerings are equally interesting:

multicolour shoe boots

Again, these aren’t to my personal taste, the lace-front shoe boot is very on trend at the moment, so I’m sure they’ll appeal to those of you with a flair for edgier dressing – or who just like lots of bright colours.

As for those who DON’T keep up with shoe trends, these pink slingbacks by Lucy Choi might be more your style:

pink patent slingbacks

‘Ladylike’ is the word I most often associate with Lucy Choi, but ‘Barbie’ might be a more appropriate one for these particular shoes, which use a very classic style, and add a bright, bubblegum pink upper, just to make them a little more interesting. They also have a red patent bow, and a gold trim, with a perspex section underneath it: you can buy them here.



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