Stuart Weitzman’s Rockstar thigh-high boots

Stuart Weitzman’s ‘Rockstar’ thigh high boots: made with 22,000 Swarovski clear crystals, worn by Rihanna on her recent tour… and $10,000 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

I’d say more about this, but I’m sitting here imagining what it would be like to spend $10,000 on one pair of boots, and to be honest, it’s making me feel a little shaky. If you want to go ahead and do, it, however, the New York city Saks is the only place you’ll be able to find these. You’ll find me, meanwhile, lying down in a darkened room.


  • For that amount of money they could have tried a bit harder. I don’t feel tempted in the least! They remind me of ABBA. Not what you want when splurging ten effing thousand bucks on a pair of boots.

  • Frankly I think they look tacky … I can understand laying out that amount on a specially created stage costume that HAS to be overdone to make any impact on the stage, but wearing those out for clubbing or anything? Quite apart from anything else, they’d be ruined the first night you wore them – I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of white shoes that weren’t.

    File this under “more money than sense”, I’d say.

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