Viktor & Rolf thick tread platform ankle boots

Colette describes these Viktor & Rolf boots as “futuristic”, which made me smile, because back when I was a teenager,  can remember seeing a very similar style in the window of Schuh. These ones were shoes, not boots, but they had that same, exaggerated sole and I thought they were the coolest things I’d ever seen in my life. (To put this in context, I had a perm at the time, and always wore sneakers. Yes, even when I wasn’t doing physical exercise! Oh, how the times have changed!) I have no idea who designed those long-ago boots, but I DO know they weren’t $457, and I also know that my taste hasn’t come full-circle yet, so adult-me will leave them for someone else to love.

Will it be you? Click here to buy a pair if it is!


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