Dune ‘Buckingham’ purple embellished court shoes

Dune 'Buckingham' purple embellished court shoes Dune 'Buckingham' purple embellished court shoes

Dune ‘Buckingham’ purple embellished court shoes

These shoes are available in purple, red and black and let me just tell you, it was hard for me to resist showing you the red version, which is the colour I always gravitate towards in shoes. Purple, however, is just as vibrant, and way more unusual, for reasons that totally escape me, so I figured it might make a nice change. Not that these are a HUGE change, mind you: yes, it’s another pair of pointed court shoes with a glittery embellishment on the toe, and yes, I know that kind of style can can start to get old after a while. Or can it? As over-done as this style may be, it’s one I never really tire of, and if the colour is good, and the embellishment pretty, I’m probably going to like it. That’s definitely true in this case: the little ball details on the toe are just different enough from the usual bows and brooches to set them apart, and the colour, as I mentioned, is one you don’t tend to see all that often, so if you’re looking for a dress shoe with a difference, these might be the ones for you. (And if you’re looking for a dress shoe WITHOUT much of a difference, maybe try the red or black versions instead…)

While I was on the Dune website, I figured it would be rude not to take a quick look around and see what else they had on offer, and…

gold glitter peep toes gold glitter peep toes

Dune Discoo peep toes

Seriously, what IS it with me and glitter right now? I just can’t seem to get enough of it – as evidenced by the fact that I’d buy these in both the gold AND silver options, if I possibly could. Not only is the upper amazing, the shape is pretty striking, too: oh, and the fact that they’re down to £42 in the sale doesn’t hurt either!

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