Faith shoes black high heel platforms with corsage

Faith shoes

Faith shoes black high heel platforms with corsage, £65

Last week’s post about Faith shoes prompted me to go and take a quick look at what else the brand has been coming up with lately. Ever since their own store and website closed, and the shoes became available only in department stores, I’ve been neglecting them a little, which is a real shame, because the shoes are as wonderful as ever they were: they’re just a little bit harder to find.

Aside from yesterday’s blue bow shoes, these black and white two-part sandals are by far my favourites from the current collection. The white upper against the black heel and platform is a nice variation on the monochrome look, but it’s the little studded corsage that steals the show. This particular shape of shoe is actually not one of my favourites, but the embellishment – as well as the colour mix – helps to really set these apart. It also gives a feminine style a little bit of an edge, but if you’d rather do without that particular element, here’s the same shoe in pink, with  exactly the same shape, but a completely different feel:

pink shoes

I actually think I might prefer the pink version – mostly because they somehow remind me of Marilyn Monroe’s famous pink dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Which do you like?

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