Blink gold-heeled black platforms

Blink gold-heeled black platforms

Blinkgold-heeled black court shoes, £57.99

Recognise that heel, anyone? You should do, if you’re a regular reader, because I’ve shown you it a couple of times now, albeit attached to Giuseppe Zanotti shoes in both cases! The front of these shoes is too different from the Zanotti originals for these to count as Shoe Deju Vu, but the gold heel, with its “snap on” appearance is virtually identical, don’t you think?

Given the similarity of the back of these shoes, though, it’s interesting to see how different the overall effect is. The Blink version has a platform, and a much chunkier shape than its designer counterpart, and that makes it a much less successful design for me – the heel looks almost as if it belongs on a different shoe altogether, I think. This look only just worked on the Zanottis, and then only because the front of the shoe matched the back. Here it’s far more awkward, although kudos to Blink for putting their own spin on the design, and not just copying it.

I do, however, really like these:

Blink black court shoes

These are by the same brand, and have the same basic shape as the shoes above, but the heel looks much more a part of the shoe, if that makes sense, which makes all the difference. The gold studs, meanwhile, add interest in a very simple way, and make them the kind of not-so-basic black pump which you could wear to work, but still dress up to wear out on the town later.


  • I saw the first pair on spartoo 2 days ago, and I really liked it. It indeed reminded me of the Zanotti one, and and some of a Greek designer called Dukas, who has amazing shoes, but he has really similar heels to some of his latest designs.

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