Alberta Ferretti green satin ribbon-tie satin pumps

Alberta Ferretti green satin ribbon-tie satin pumps

Alberta Ferretti green satin ribbon-tie satin pumps

Alberta Ferretti green satin ribbon-tie satin pumps, $670

Of all of the shades of green that exist, this sage shade is generally one of my least favourites. It tends to remind me of army fatigues, which gives it a rather utilitarian feel sometimes. “Utilitarian” isn’t often a word I’d use to describe my taste in shoes, which is why I’d always pick emerald or mint above sage.

These shoes, however, have changed my mind. There’s nothing remotely “utilitarian” about them: in fact, that sumptuous satin bow at the ankle has a very luxurious, decadent kind of feel, and in this context the colour is beautiful and unusual. These also come in black, however, and while they might be easier to style, they lack the impact this colour has, which is why it’s the one I’ve chosen to show you today.

As for the rest of the shoes, these have a wooden stiletto heel, and a gently rounded toe. Round toes aren’t quite as common as they used to be: there’s still plenty of them around, but they’ve been rather overshadowed by their pointed-toe sisters lately, so if you’re a fan of the rounded look, these will probably come as a refreshing change from all of those pointed pumps.

What to wear with sage green shoes, though?

My first thought was to contrast these with black, but I really liked the way they looked against the paler, mint green of this blazer, so I opted for a lighter colour palette instead:

what to wear with sage green shoes

What to wear with sage shoes:

dress // bag // sunglasses // watch // blazer 

This outfit contains quite a few “favourites” for me right now. The dress is from Dorothy Perkins’ “luxe” line, but is still pretty affordable, at £38. I love the lazercut fabric, but unfortunately the lining doesn’t extend to the bottom of the hem, so there’s a sheer section at the bottom. I’d prefer it if it was fully lined, but I guess it’s a little edgier this way! The bag, meanwhile, is Tory Burch, and has such a pretty floral print, with the green in the pattern working nicely with both the shoes and jacket. Speaking of which, the mint green blazer is actually part of a trouser suit: I don’t have any need for a suit, but for those of you with office jobs, it could be a nice option for summer. Finally, as a sunglasses addict, I’d love a pair of Linda Farrows to add to my collection: these ones are way out of my budget, but it makes me happy just to look at them!

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