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Dune Bride ‘Bouquets’ wedding shoes, £99

Dune have always done a great line in wedding shoes, but I think these ‘Bouquets’ pumps might be their best ones yet. In fact, the pointed toes, combined with the oversized square brooch, really reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw’s famous Manolo Blahniks: those were blue, of course, and these are white, but the shape is very similar, don’t you think?

The extreme pointed toe makes these very fashionable right now, but this is such a classic shape that it’s not going to date easily, so you don’t have to worry about looking back at your wedding photos one day and wondering what on earth you were thinking. They’re also beautiful enough to look good on display, assuming you can’t find a use for a pair of white satin shoes after you’ve walked down the aisle in them! The heel, meanwhile, is just a touch over 4″, so it’s high, but not not so high that you’ll have trouble walking, or want to kick them off half-way through the toasts. If you’re used to wearing heels, I wouldn’t think these would present you with any problems: if you’re not, however, you may want to get in a bit of practice before the big day!

These are so pretty they make me wish they’d released them in some other colours, so I could grab a pair for myself! At £99, they’re certainly not the cheapest wedding shoes out there, but they’re far from the most expensive either, especially considering that they could easily pass for a pair of Manolos!


  • I love the brooch and I think, depending on the styling, these could work in everyday life not just as a wedding day shoe. I’m visualizing a dark pencil skirt and a white blouse. Could be office chic as well as wedding chic.:)

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