Gucci bow-embellished patent leather pumps

Gucci bow-embellished patent leather pumps

Gucci bow-embellished patent leather pumps

At what point does a bow-embellishment on a shoe become just too big?

Now, I’d normally say that, “NEVER!” is the resounding answer to that question, but, looking at these Gucci pumps, with their giant, embellished bow, I’m just not so sure. Then again, it could just be the nature of the bow itself that’s throwing me off, here. If I look at it alone, and try to ignore the rest of the shoe around it, you see, I realise I actually quite like it: maybe even a lot. The black elastic which holds it to the shoe, however, really cheapens the overall look for me – and “cheap”really isn’t a word you want to associate with a brand like Gucci, is it?

To be fair, these shoes don’t actually look cheap – which is good, because they’re not. If I was going to spend £1,250 on shoes, though, I’m not sure I’d want their standout feature to be relying on a piece of black elastic to to keep it attached to the shoe, and while I’m sure it can’t possibly be the case, I also feel like I’d spend most of my time trying to re-adjust the elastic  – or just worrying about it sliding right off. Of course, I get that the whole point of these shoes is that the detachable bow allows you to change the look of shoe, just by adding or removing it, as required. Take it off, and you’re left with a simple pair of off-white pumps: put it back on, however, and you have a different shoe entirely. This could be a great idea for something like wedding shoes, say, which you might want to change the look of slightly, so you could easily wear them again: I’m just not sure I like the look enough to bother, though.

What do you think?

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