Viktor & Rolf sequined ‘sock’ boots


Unlike the Alexander McQueen boots I showed you earlier today, these boots DO appear to have socks attached to them, albeit the “socks” in question are covered in sequins.

The “stuck together” look makes these an automatic “do not want” for me, although admittedly the black court shoes/boots on the left of the picture are at least a little more acceptable to me than most footwear of this genre. As for the grey flats, though, those just puzzle me: the sequins seem to suggest that these are supposed to be worn on an evening out or other special occasion, but the shape and colour of the shoe part just doesn’t say “special” to me at all. Which I guess is a lesson to us all that you can wear a pair of sequined socks with your sensible grey flats, but it still won’t turn them into a party shoe.

Both of these styles are available from Colette, where you can expect to pay in the region of $650 per pair. Ouchie.


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