It started with a (leather pencil) skirt…

burgundy knee high boots

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Gianmarco Lornezi burgundy knee-high boots, £606.77

Many of my outfits, both in “real” life and here at ShoeperWoman, are built from the feet up, starting with the shoes. That’s not JUST because I’m a shoe lover, however. Actually, most of the time it’s a purely practical thing. In terms of comfort and practicality, I think shoes are often the most important element of an outfit (I’ve had many a day out spoiled by choosing the wrong shoes for the situation, but not often because I’m wearing the “wrong” dress or jeans…), so often I’ll work out what I’m going to be doing – and, more importantly, what the WEATHER is going to be doing – choose the shoes that work best for it, and work upwards from there.

Not this time, though.

No, this outfit started with a skirt. This skirt in fact:

camel and burgundy autumn outfit

♥  Warehouse leather-look pencil skirt  ♥  Warehouse camel sweater  ♥ Rebecca Minkoff tote bag  ♥  Dita Von Teese sunglasses  ♥  Michael Kors wool cape

I loved the skirt, and thought it would would look wonderful with camel. My first thought regarding footwear was to find a great pair of leopard print pumps (Which I still think would look awesome with it), but then I came across these boots by Gianmarco Lorenzi, and my mind was instantly made up.

Even taking the skirt out of the question, these boots are truly stunning: I love the slim legs, and pointed toes, while the high stiletto heel adds a touch of polish and sophistication. The skirt I’ve paired them with here is an almost-perfect colour match, but these will also work well with black, navy and brown, making them a really versatile choice. If you agree, you can find them at Far Fetch, where they’re a snip at £606. No. OK, I’m joking: they’re really, REALLY expensive at £606. They ARE great to look at, though!


  • I’d love to see it on you! I have something similar in my closet – only in black – but I am afraid that wearing so much leather at once makes me look like some sort of domesticated trapper.

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