Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 19: June Gloom

: Christian Louboutin ‘Very Very’ wedges
When: June, 2011
Where: Los Angeles, California
With: Blue dress (ASOS), red belt (my mum’s)

As much as I’d loved San Francisco, I must admit, I was looking forward to the comparative heat of Southern California, partly so I could get back into my heels and dresses, rather than having to stay wrapped up, and in flats, all the time. Unfortunately, I had to wait a few more days: L.A. in June is prone to a weather pattern known as the June Gloom, and our first few days there were on the chilly side (although it did normally warm up by mid-afternoon, thankfully).

This outfit was worn on the first warm day we had, and I was so happy to be able to dress like “me” again!

(Please excuse my feet… And that weird dent in the side of the shoe, which I didn’t even notice until I downloaded the photo. I packed them really carefully – in fact, I had a sepparate bag just for shoes! – but they must’ve got pushed out of shape a bit while travelling. They’re OK now, though, thankfully!)

The shoes are my Christian Louboutin ‘Very Very’ wedges. I promise I did take some non-red shoes with me to California. Just… not very many. Well, you know what I always say: red may not technically be “neutral”, but it is MY neutral – at least where shoes are concerned, anyway!

I actually bought this dress back in the winter, because I knew it would probably sell out in my size if I waited for the right weather to wear it. Then I had to pack it away for months, while it snowed and hailed outside: gah! Still, it got to see the light of the California day, and I’m hoping the weather back home will warm up sufficiently that I can get a few more wears out of it before it has to get packed away again!

I miss this house so much…

I miss the view even more, though…


  • You look gorgeous as always. Better than lots of Holywood stars in their everyday outfits! How do you manege to rent such nice place? I live in USA and I have no idea where to look for a weekly rental house. I’m trying to rent a place for a week in FL but could not find the right places to look. Do you have any website to recommend?

    • Thanks! It’s actually my mum who normally deals with finding rentals – it can be quite time consuming tracking down the right place, but she really enjoys it and will spend hours going through listings! I think she just uses Google to find houses, but I’ll ask her if she has any specific sites she uses!

  • You look stunning! I thought that green was the best color for you but now I see that blue is also perfect on you! It’s true, you look better than many Holywood stars!
    This dress is amazing! And I loved your shoes! This is the exact hue of red that I like on shoes. I want to find a pair of heels in this exact color, but I can’t find one I like (that isn’t too expensive!). At first I didn’t know they were wedges when I saw them from the front. They are perfect!

  • Gorgeous shoes! I love red shoes, in general. And I totally relate to wanting to be somewhere warm so you can show off cute shoes. I live in Canada and I feel the same way. It’s just starting to warm up here, I can’t wait to wear my wedges and ballet flats!

    • I normally do get to wear my sandals etc at home in the summer, but sundresses are another matter altogether – it’s rarely warm enough for bare arms, let alone thin cotton!

  • Your dress is so pretty! I just love the colour and the length. I can’t wait until the weather warms up here, as I’m really missing Summer dresses!

    • I’m actually missing them too, now that I’m home! I do love this one, though, and the length is perfect – the fact that it’s been deemed “fashionable” this year has been lethal for my bank account!

  • How gorgeous, Amber! Love that dress and those shoes. You always look so glamourous on holiday (and when you’re not on holiday too of course). Red and blue are my favourite colours 🙂

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