Studded tan ankle boots from Zara

tan ankle boots with studded heel

studded heel on ankle boots

Zara ankle boots, £29.99

I’m really liking the look of ankle boots with dresses at the moment: not only is it a little more laid back than my usual kind of style, it’s also more practical in the cold weather we’re continuing to have, no matter how hard I wish for the sun to come out.

Zara do a particularly nice line in ankle boots, and these ones stand out for obvious reasons: just look at the studs on those heels! Tan is my favourite colour for this style of boot, because not only does it work with just about everything, it’s light enough to look fairly summery, even on a pair of boots. I think it looks particularly good with white or cream, for a very fresh, casual kind of look which will still protect you from this chilly Spring weather. Best of all, these are just £29.99, which is a pretty good price, especially considering you’ll be able to get plenty of use out of them in Autumn and Winter, too.

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