Office ‘Jools’ rose gold strappy sandals

rose gold sandals

Office ‘Jools’ rose gold strappy sandals, £65

Back when I was in university, and working part-time to earn some extra cash, I remember blowing pretty much all of my weekly wage on a pair of Office sandals that looked very similar to these ones. Mine were yellow gold rather than rose gold, and they had a different heel, but I thought they were the most beautiful shoes in the world, so I just HAD to have them, despite the fact that the price tag represented quite a lot of money to me at the time. In my defence, I had a particular event (a university ball) which I needed dress shoes for, but they also turned out to be a very good investment, because I had them for YEARS, and wore them to every single party, wedding, ball, etc that came up. I loved those shoes, but, of course, time took its toll, and I eventually had to admit that they’d seen their last dance-floor, so out they went.

It’s only recently that I’ve started to be interested in strappy sandals again. I didn’t ever get round to buying a replacement for my beloved Office sandals, because by the time I decided to get rid of them, fashion had moved on, and the barely-there look wasn’t nearly as prevalent. Now, of course, we’ve come full-circle, and shoes like this are everywhere: I might be biased, but I still think Offfice do some of the best ones, and this rose gold version is so pretty they’d be worth the pedicure I’d need in order to actually wear them.

To go with these shoes, I found a fabulous embellished pencil skirt at River Island, which has its own little hint of sparkle:

gold strappy sandals

Cream and gold evening look:

♥  skirt  ♥  top  ♥   watch 



  • I was all about the strappy shoes in my University days too 🙂 These shoes are gorgeous! I am also completely powerless to rose gold- I am olive skinned so it is a much warmer and flattering colour for me than yellow gold or silver . Love Love Love xxx

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