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Willetta Suede Studded Boots Christian Louboutin ankle boots Christiab Louboutin red soles

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I tend to feature shoes more often than boots for our Friday Louboutin Fix, but today it’s time to redress the balance, because Louboutin makes some amazing boots too, and they deserve their moment in the Shoeper Spotlight!

As always, I’m most impressed here by the designer’s ability to re-invent the heel, so to speak, by giving a classic style a whole new look. In this case, the classic style in question is the humble ankle boot: a winter staple, which many of us wouldn’t want to be without. Black ankle boots, however, may be wardrobe staples, but they’re rarely the shoes we want to show off, or shout about, so these ‘Willetta’ boots are a particularly welcome change. Louboutin has used two simple techniques to give these a touch of pizazz:

1. The ‘Apostrophe’ heel.

2. The studs around the base of the foot.

I’m a big fan of studs on shoes at the best of times, but these ones are particularly well executed, with the unusual placement helping to emphasize the elegant shape of the foot. The slim shape and close-fitting ankle, meanwhile, will make these super-streamlined when worn, and the kind of boots that will work just as well with dresses and skirts as they will with jeans or trousers. In fact, I see just one problem with them: the £995 price tag. If that’s NOT a problem for you, however, you can find these at Browns.

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