Christian Louboutin ‘Fetish’ ankle strap pumps

Christian Louboutin 'Fetish' ankle strap pumps

Christian Louboutin ‘Fetish’ ankle strap pumps, $1,145

Oh, Christian Louboutin, what have you done? Do you even realise what kind of Google traffic I’m going to get by writing about a shoe called ‘Fetish’? Probably even stranger than usual – and that’s saying something.

Anyway, name aside, these shoes are pretty amazing, and I have a feeling they’re probably going to be a big hit. I mean, just look at that shape! The curved side, the slim heel, that thick ankle strap… it’s not hard to see how they came up with the name, is it? The fact that these super-sexy stilettos are finished off with a sweet little bow just makes them even better, as far as I’m concerned, as does the very low vamp:

toe cleavage shoes

Great shot of the bow, huh? It looks even better from above, which I guess is appropriate, because that’s the view you’ll get when you’re wearing them: well, it would be a shame if the best view of your shoes was reserved for other people, wouldn’t it?

The shoe world is divided into those who love toe cleavage and those who hate it. I don’t necessarily love the sight of toes (or feet in general), but I do think a low vamp makes a shoe look a whole lot more elegant: very high vamps are a big no-no for me, because I always find them matronly, and somehow unflattering to wear, making the foot appear larger and the leg shorter – which is the very LAST thing I need from a shoe. These, by contrast, are anything but “matronly”  and I love everything about them, including the go-with-everything colour. These are exclusive to Neiman Marcus, and are currently available to pre-order: I know they’re expensive, but if you love them, I wouldn’t recommend waiting too long, because I don’t think these will stick around forever.


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  • I am not convinced by these shoes… (let’s pretend buying them is a realistic option). For me, the ankle strap looks like it belongs to a different shoe.

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