Topshop ‘Hatter’ Cone Heel Ankle Boots

Topshop 'Hatter' Cone Heel Ankle Boots Topshop 'Hatter' Cone Heel Ankle Boots

Topshop ‘Hatter’ Cone Heel Ankle Boots, £79

If you’re a regular reader, you probably already know that brightly coloured ankle boots are a bit of a weakness of mine, and pretty much guaranteed to make me want to try them – even although I haven’t been particularly successful in my attempts to actually WEAR the things.

Actually, ankle boots in general have always been a bit of an issue for me, because, as with knee and calf-length boots, I can never seem to find the right fit around the leg/ankle, so end up feeling (and looking) like I’m wearing wellies. These cone heel ankle boots from Topshop, however, are actually designed to be worn loose around the ankle, as you can see from the extra-wide leg opening. I’m not convinced how well that would (on me) in real life, but I DO love the look of these, and I particularly love the colour of the red version, which is a lovely, deep shade, perfect for autumn.

Speaking of things that are perfect for autumn, Topshop also just so happen to have a couple of other items at the moment which are similarly autumn-appropriate, and which I think would work really well with these cone heel ankle boots. There’s this dress, for one:

burgundy midi dress

and this cape:

tweed cape

Which, OK, might make you feel a bit like Sherlock Holmes, but hopefully in a GOOD way. Add in a matching beret and bag, and you could almost convince me to start looking forward to autumn. Almost.

autumn outfit featuring cone heel ankle boots

OK, I lie: no amount of boots and berets will ever convince me to love the gloomy days of autumn, but you could definitely convince me to buy these boots: probably even in both colours, if you really tried hard enough! Oh: and they’ll also look pretty good with jeans!

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