Joie ‘Olivia’ grey suede over-the-knee boots

Joie 'Olivia' grey suede over-the-knee boots

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These boots are described as “knee high” on the Saks website, but they look a little taller than that in the photo, hence my description of them as “over the knee”. Not that I’m complaining if they are, mind you: far from it, actually. Over-the-knee boots are one of my favourite winter footwear styles, and I find them much more flattering than knee-high boots, in that they generally hug the leg better, and create a smoother line with skirts and dresses. Ones like these, which has a small slit at the back of the knee, can normally be folded down, too, so you can switch between knee-high and over-the-knee at will: the best of both worlds!

Joie is a brand I only became aware of this year, but I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve seen of them so far. I own one of their full skirts, and if I didn’t already have a pair of grey over-the-knee boots, I’d be happy to add these to my collection, too. Grey is a great colour for a winter boot, especially on suede: it’s as versatile as black is, but has a softer, more luxurious feel to it, which I really love.

I’ve stuck with grey when styling an outfit around these boots, with a bright burst of colour from the red handbag:

red and grey winter outfit

♥  Joie ‘Olivia’ boots  ♥  Theory midi dress ♥  Valentino wool cape  ♥ Chanel sunglasses  ♥  Annabell Ingal red tote bag 

This outfit follows my personal rule when styling over-the-knee boots, which is that the hem of the dress or skirt must be longer than the top of the boots. That’s not to say you can’t go with a shorter hem if you want to, obviously – but for me, the beauty of this look is the leg-lengthening effect of the uninterrupted line of the boot!

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