Unusual Shoes | Shoes With Pants Attached, by Balenciaga

Shoes With Pants Attached, by Balenciaga

Balenciaga stretch-satin skinny pants

I think we’ve officially seen it all now, folks.

I mean, I’m used to seeing boots disguised as socks, and other footwear oddities like that, but when these appeared on my screen, I had to do a double-take to make sure I really was seeing what I thought I was. And, yup, it’s true enough: this is a pair of skinny, legging-like pants with a pair of stiletto boots attached to them, and I have so many questions. How would you get them on, for one thing? This is probably just me, but I’m pretty sure I’d find pants this tight a bit of a struggle to get on at the best of times, let alone when there’s a pair of boots attached to them. And how would you get them off again? What about washing them? How would you do THAT?

Actually, scratch that: according to Net-a-Porter, these require a “specialist” clean, which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be available in my tiny Scottish village (Although I’d love to see people’s faces if I walked in and handed over a pair of these!), so that would rule them out for me… er, even if I WAS the type of person who could pull this kind of thing off, which I definitely am NOT. I know I call myself “ShoeperWoman” but these are a little too super-hero-esque, even for me.

Anyway, all joking aside, it’s blatantly obvious that I’m not the target audience Balanciaga are aiming at with these (or with anything else they make, really), and, on the plus side, if you can pull them off, they’ll probably look amazing, and be the envy of everyone who sees you. Probably. Maybe.

What do you think of them? Would you wear them, if money were no object?


  • The concept is cool, it does look sleek, but eek, the cleaning aspect sounds like a real pain. If money were no object, and it fit properly, I’d probably wear them a couple of times, just to show my children pictures one day of when their mom was young and wore crazy outfits hahaha.

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