ASOS ‘Predict’ red pointed high heels

red high heels

ASOS ‘Predict’ red pointed high heels, £28

When you hear the words “pointed high heels” these days, my guess is that most people will immediately picture the very thin stiletto heel and very sharp, pointed toe that’s been so popular recently.

These shoes, however, have neither of those features, which I think will come as a breath of fresh air to those of you who haven’t come round to the pointed stiletto look. Yes, the toe could be described as “pointed”, but it doesn’t have the very sharp look we’re seeing on so many styles at the moment, and the length is also short, which will be easier to wear, and more flattering on the foot. I love pointed toes, but not even I can bring myself to wear the very long ones: not only do they still look a little dated, they also have the ability to make your feet look huge, especially if you’re wearing them with slim or skinny-legged jeans/trousers!

Then there’s the heel. Instead of a skinny stiletto, we have a rather more substantial version, which widens at the top, giving the whole shoe a curvy, almost cartoon-ish look. These are definitely on the right side of “cartoonish”, though: they’re fun and different without being childlish, and the tomato-red colour is the perfect choice. Not bad for a £28 shoes, huh?

What to wear with red shoes

Looking through the items I’ve bookmarked for possible inclusion in future shoeper posts, it didn’t take me long to know exactly what I would wear with these shoes:

retro-inspired outfit with red shoes

How to wear a midi skirt:

skirt // top // belt // sunglasses 

Black, white and red is something of a Shoeperwoman go-to, as is the “midi skirt and bardot top”. Best of all, these items are all from high street or low-cost retailers, so the whole look wouldn’t take up too much of your budget, either.

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