Heroes or Villains: Kitten heels

What does everyone think of kitten heels?

As you may know, the fashion world has decreed these to be back in a big way this season (or in a small, kitten-shaped way), and the proof of this can be found over at Topshop.com, where these red, kitten heel slingbacks are £55.

Personally, kitten heels are one of my least-favourite styles: I’m basically an all-or-nothing kinda girl, and if I’m not wearing skyscrapers, I’d probably rather wear flats than go for the ever-so-slightly pointless looking “kitten”. That’s just me, however: there’s no doubt that these heels are more comfortable than stilettos, and will offer better arch-support than flats, but would you wear them? This particular pair have a very retro look about them (you could call them dated if you wanted to be less tactful, but I suspect this is a deliberate move on Topshop’s part), and if I was going to wear them, I’d probably try them with black capri pants or an Audrey Hepburn style black dress.

What do you think of them: heroes or villains of the shoe world?


  • I actually loathe them. It’s either (super)high heels or ballet flats or flipflops for me, no kitten heels to be found in my shoe closet…

  • I like them. They’re not as stunning visually as high heels, but for a 9-5 office gig, they can be just the thing when high heels would be overkill (painful, or just too over-the-top for the occasion).

    That said, I think I only have 1 pair, because I haven’t seen many in stores that I love and can afford.

  • I really hate them. I have no problem with lower heels, nor with retro style, but kitten heels… Who would wear them? They’re just pointless!

    And you’d probably have take really good care of kitten heels, because they wear out just like stilettos, but you’d walk around in them like they were flats.

  • I don’t think kitten heels are as attractive as higher heels, but I think, if done correctly, that tiny heel makes them a little bit more formal/professional than flats. I think a good use for them, for example, is on a wedding shoe. If the bride and groom are close in height but the bride doesn’t want to wear flats to her wedding, these can be an attractive compromise if they are designed well. They are also easier to walk in.

  • I’ve never liked kitten heels. But I’m tall and fat and have big feet, so I end up looking as if I had started out wearing stilettos but squashed them.

    I’d like to think that if you are short and very thin and have very small feet they could work.

    • I agree with you, Terabithia.

      Kitten heels look absolutely ridiculous on me! I’d rather just suffer in stilettos or flats.

  • I, too, am an all-or-nothing shoe-wearer. I don’t mind small wedges, but kitten heels just bug me. They remind me of my grandmother, and not in the cute and trendy way.

  • I have a couple of pairs, and yeah, they aren’t the nicest shoes in my collection but they are useful for a day where theres going to be a lot of walking and you just don’t fancy flats.

  • While I’m not too fond of kitten heels, I’m a huge fan of lower heels (somewhere in the 2-3 1/2 range). In fact, a good majority of my heels fall into this category. They’re just more comfortable and practical for walking around my school’s campus all day.

  • I seem to be incapable of walking in kitten heels. Also, I am 5’4″ and a little (ahem) on the thick side, so these are just not flattering for me. I wouldn’t say they were villains necessarily, more like a cousin I am never happy to see at the proverbial reunion.

  • I’ve always liked kitten heels, and wore a vintage (fifties?) pair into the ground, when they were vintage the first time round. The best ones are with the very small/pointed bottoms. (The ones that put holes in the floor and make your mother angry. 😉

  • interestingly in the fifties kitten heels were actually ‘trainer wheels’- before you were a big girl and got your stilettos

  • absolutely no. i wear mid-heels a lot since i can’t wear sky-high shoes due to back problems, but i simply don’t like the look of super thin heels on me. I have a very comfortable pair of noa noa maryjanes that have gotten me through a lot of walking already!

  • A two-inch heel with a 15degree angle between the heel and sole lifts the pelvic floor, therefore making your orgasms better.


    That would be a good excuse for Kittens.

  • I actually like them alot!
    It kind of depends though. If they are poorly-made it can look like the wearer has squished down the heels, (never a good look XD) or they can look wobbly.
    But if worn right I think they can be a very cute vintage look! (as long it looks intentional) I think they are also a good shoe to wear to a formal event if you don’t want to wear mid or high heels to the occasion for whatever reason! (personally I do not think flats look good for formal events, they usually look just too casual!)
    Personally I prefer short or mid heels though. I don’t like to go over 3 1/2 inch heels; if they are higher than that I think they look strange and awkward. I think super-high heels look great on the shelf, but awkward on a real person!
    I think kitten heels are fine, I don’t think that clothes always have to fulfill a purpose, or even so that heels always have to make one look taller. I think they look (or can look) very nice! I like the ones shown here alot 🙂

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