Zara baby blue laser cut court shoes

baby blue shoes

Baby blue laser cut shoes, £49.99

Baby-blue shoes are a direct route to this shoe blogger’s heart right now. (And baby blue dresses, sweaters, trousers…I could go on) Luckily, there are plenty of them around, so the problem isn’t finding shoes in this colour: it’s finding AFFORDABLE shoes in this colour.

As with so much in life – or in fashion, rather – it’s Zara to the rescue, with these pretty suede pumps, which are the right colour AND the right price for once. These are real leather (which makes the price tag even more welcome), and have a heel height of just under 4″, which is a pretty good walking height – not too tall, but not too low, either. The laser cut detail around the foot, meanwhile, is a cute little touch: at first glance I thought the cut-outs were tiny love hearts, and it’s probably a good job they’re not, because, reasonable though the price may be, I don’t have a spare £50 to spend on shoes right now. The triangles work just as well, though, and help give the shoe a more summery feel, so it’s all good.

What to wear with baby blue shoes:

I’ve been really into black and white lately, and I never met a stripe I didn’t like, so with that in mind…

monochrome outfit with baby blue shoes

Monochrome outfit with baby blue shoes:

♥   skirt   ♥   top  ♥  sunglasses  ♥  bag  ♥  lipstick

Sticking to a simple colour scheme makes it much easier to get away with exaggerated shapes (the structured skirt) and quirky accessories (the telephone clutch bag), but if you do want to inject a touch more colour into your look, as I said, there’s no shortage of baby blue around at the moment – and it also looks good with all of those other pastel shades that are currently popular.

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