Glitter pink heart-front ballet flats

hart front ballet flats

Heart-front ballet flats, £83

I know there are quite a few of you out there who love the look or idea of the Melissa/Mel heart-front shoes I feature, but can’t get past the idea of wearing jelly shoes, so here’s a leather-based alternative for you instead!

These may not be jelly shoes, however, but they’re still not exactly what you’d call “sensible”. The silver leather upper and red, glitter-encrusted hearts, are designed to get attention, and I somehow don’t think they’ll have any difficulty doing that: giant hearts have a way of catching the eye!

These are from, which unfortunately means that not all sizes are still available. They’re also a little more expensive than I’d personally pay for flats, but the glitter heart makes me think they’d probably end up being mostly worn to parties and other evening events, so as they wouldn’t be being worn every day, they’d probably last a long time. They’d also make a really nice alternative to the heels and strappy sandals we usually see at special events – Emma Thompson, take note!

What to wear with heart-front flats?

what to wear with heart front shoes

What to wear with heart-front flats:

Silver and red will work with a lot of different colours, but because these shoes are so sugary sweet, I decided to keep things very simple with this outfit. I don’t often wear flats with dresses, as I use them more as causal shoes, but on the rare occasion that I do, I generally go for a slightly shorter hem than I’d usually chose: I have short legs to start with, and ballet flats make them look even shorter (Just one of the many reasons I’ve always been a heels girl!), so the shorter hem helps elongate the leg ever so slightly. This dress isn’t “short” by any means, but it should hit a good couple of inches above the knee, making it significantly shorter than my usual midis. (Which I wear so often that anything less than knee-length now feels almost like a mini to me!)


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