Zara green suede effect peep toes

zara green peep toes

Zara green peep toes

Zara green peep toes, £29.99

After what feels like a very long sale season indeed, the sale stock is FINALLY starting to sell out, which means my favourite shoe stores are slowly getting their summer styles out on display. There are quite a few styles I like in the latest Zara collection (big surprise there, I’m sure!), but I think these have to be my favourites so far, purely because of the colour. And, OK, also because I don’t think you can go too far wrong with a pair of bold peep toes.

These ones aren’t ever going to set the world on fire: the corrugated edges make them a little different from all of the other peep toes out there, but at the end of the day, they’re still a very simple style, albeit in stand-out colour. Sometimes a simple style is exactly what you need, though, and at £29.99, I’d happily welcome these to their own special spot on my shoes shelves. And here’s how I’d wear them – or one of the ways I’d wear them, anyway!

what to wear with green peep toes

What to wear with green shoes:

I’m admittedly pretty biased here, because green is my favourite colour (and, luckily for me, this isn’t the first time Zara have used this particular shade of it on shoes. I still sometimes search eBay for the green and gold peep toes from a couple of years ago!), but if you’re not sure about it, plain old black or white is always a safe bet to start with. With this outfit, I got lucky and found a dress with a touch of green in the same shade as the shoes, but if you don’t go in for colour matching, I also think this colour can look really good with cobalt blue, which is another way I’d consider wearing these.



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