Office ‘On Top’ point toe pumps

Office On Top pumps

Office ‘On Top’, £65

These shoes come in no less than 11 (ELEVEN!) different colours and prints, which goes to show there really is no limit to what you can do with a pointed toe pump. I’ve picked my favourite two to show you today, ignoring the crazier colour schemes in favour of beautiful baby blue (definitely one of my favourite colours of the moment) and classic bright red,

I say “bright red”: Office describe this as “summer red”, which is a phrase I’d never heard before, but which definitely makes sense. Although bright, this red is a little less intense than some variations on the colour, and that makes it a touch more “summery”. In fact it reminds me a little of the red nail polish I favour in the warmer months of the year, and that can only be a good thing as far as I’m concerned!

How to save these shoes?

Because this style is such a classic, it’s the colour/print which really gives each shoe its “identity”, and which will determine how you choose to style it. In this case, although I love the blue shade, I’ve shown you so much blue lately I decided to go with the red, just for a change. This was actually more of a challenge than you might think: I’ve written a lot about my love for red shoes, and how I consider them to be a “neutral” for me, but although I stand by that, I do think these particular shoes would be trickier than most. The very pointed toe, combined with the patent upper, gives them a very “vampy” feel (which wouldn’t be the case if the upper was suede, for instance, or if the toe was rounder), so I’ve put together an outfit designed to play that down a little:

what to wear with red patent pumps

What to wear with red patent pumps:

I also think these would look amazing with jeans, which would allow that red colour to really pop, and totally brighten up an otherwise casual look.

These are £65 at Office, and you can see the other available colours here.

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