Alice + Olivia Striped Canvas Pumps

 Alice + Olivia Striped Canvas Pumps

 Alice + Olivia Striped Canvas Pumps, £194.78

I can never resist a shoe with stripes (or anything else with stripes, come to think of it), so here’s the latest incarnation of Alice + Olivia’s ‘Dina’ pumps, which have been available in just about every colour imaginable this year, and have now been re-imagined for spring in stripe canvas.

I mostly like these shoes for their resemblance to the infamous Zara asymmetric pumps, but I’m actually going to be difficult here and say that, in this case, and after everything I’ve written about my slow-but-steady conversion to pointed toes, I’d prefer these with a slightly rounder shape. I think the issue is that the shape of the shoe says “evening/work” to me, but canvas stripes scream “summer day”, and look like they’d be more at home on a slightly more casual shoe. If I were to see these worn with the right outfit, though, I’m sure I could be persuade to change my mind – after all, I firmly believe you can never have too many stripes in your life!

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