Matalan polka dot peep toe slingbacks

polka dot slingbacks

Matalan’s shoe department used to be a regular haunt of mine (they went through a phase of making really great, designer-inspired footwear, for prices that would make me feel like I’d robbed them) but lately I have to admit I haven’t been finding it quite the attraction that it once was, hence my failure to visit it as often as it used to.

I did check out the shoe section of the website this morning, though, and was instantly drawn to these little polka dot slingbacks. These are only £16, which makes them the kind of shoes I’d find it almost impossible to walk past if I saw them in store, because, as simple as they are, I know I’d probably wear them until they fell apart.

I’d actually like these better without the embellishment on the toe: they don’t really need it, as the polka dot upper is cute enough on its own. That said, I wouldn’t let it put me off, either – especially not at that kind of price!

Matalan polka dot slingbacks, £16: click here to buy them.

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