Boutique 9 ‘Daraye’ Studded Open Toe Pumps

When I finished colour-coding my shoe shelves earlier this month, I…

Wait. Stop. That sentence makes me sound like a complete and utter control freak, doesn’t it? Hopefully the fact that it took me about six months to decide to do that will speak for the fact that I’m not quite as bad as I may sound. Also, I do have a life, I promise: it’s just that, well, I like things neat. Now, where was I? Oh yes:

When I finished colour-coding the collection, I banned myself from buying any more pairs of black shoes for the foreseeable future. “Amber,” I told myself, “You won’t need to buy black shoes for years now. YEARS. Because look at them all!” And it’s true, I have a lot of black shoes already. I don’t have a studded pair, though. With a bow on the top. And as I look at these ones by Boutique 9, I find that I suddenly want a pair of studded peep toes with a bow on the front. Oh yes I do. I don’t know, maybe I could get them in white instead?

After all, I don’t actually have ANY white shoes right now, so THAT wouldn’t be against the “rules” would it?

(I really want the black ones, though. I bet they’d look fantastic with black skinnies. I could even wear them with tights in the winter!)

These are $170 at Shopbop. Click here to buy them.


  • I like the white ones a lot. White is often too sweet to be worn that often, but the studs make them spunky. And I normally am not the biggest fan of studs. However, I wear white shoes so infrequently (except for my three pairs of white kitten heel sandals which are perfect with my many white summer dresses) that for me they’d be a waste.

    Although I also like the black ones quite a bit.

  • Oh, I’m in love with the white ones too. If I was going to get married all over again, I’d definitely wear those as wedding shoes even! The black ones are also awesome though.

  • Not for me – the bow would have to go! And for some reason, I have a really hard time keeping shoes made in this style on my feet so guess I’ll be saving myself $170.

  • The black have that … oh-so-naughty feel that’s fun. Office wear? possible. Black, fun, and the studs can say: yes, I am more than I seem. Get them!

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