Office Outrageous Bow sandals

outrageous bow sandals

Office, £70

“Outrageous Bow” is Office’s name for this sandal rather than mine, but I think it sums them up pretty well, don’t you?

Well, OK, maybe not the “outrageous” part. I’ve seen so many shoe bows now that it takes something REALLY crazy for me to want to describe it as “outrageous”, but then again, if you’re used to the sleek, simple look with your shoes, the triple bow design on these might seem like a bit of a stretch. It’s a very girlie look, after all, but at least Office have tried to tone the effect down slightly by releasing these in fairly “sensible” colours. They could so easily have gone for the pastel/colourblock effect that we’re seeing so much of right now, but instead they’ve chosen to play it safe with a black version and a peachy-pink one.

Whichever colour you choose, these are a cute pair of sandals which bow-lovers will surely adore. Do YOU, though?

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