Zara patent bow court shoes

Zara patent bow court shoes

Zara patent bow court shoes

Guys, I’m gutted. When I found these shoes on the Zara website, the first image I saw was a close up of the toe, and I kid you not, I had my credit card out almost before I could click the link to view the full product listing. I didn’t even know what the price was, but I honestly didn’t care, either – I  just knew that bow had to be in my life:  or on my shoe shelves rather. Just look at it, though! I mean, it’s absolutely beautiful, isn’t it? It’s the kind of oversized bow we’re more used to seeing from Valentino than Zara, and I was 100% prepared to buy the shoes it was attached it.

Then I clicked on the link, and actually SAW the shoes it was attached to.


And, I mean, they’re not horrible – not by a long shot. It’s just… that mid-height heel. WHY, Zara, why? If these had been either a high heel, or a totally flat one, they’d be on their way to me right now. I might even have lived with a kitten heel, although I can’t even remember the last time kitten heels even remotely appealed to me. This particular height, however, is one I just can’t learn to love, no matter how practical people tell me it is. I know it’s a height beloved of many (Which answers my “WHY?” question above, obviously), but to me it’s just neither here nor there, really, and while I’m sure it looks fabulous on other people, on me it never fails to look frumpy – which is why these shoes are NOT going to be mine, sadly. Or not unless they release a version that’s either higher or lower than this one – or, ideally, BOTH.

I do still love that bow, though.

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