Kurt Geiger Wild boots: studded ankle boots

Kurt Geiger Wild boots


Kurt Geiger Wild studded ankle  boots

Kurt Geiger Wild boots, £190

Oh dear. I really thought I’d seen enough pairs of boots – ankle length or otherwise – by this point in the winter for me to never want to see another pair again. Or not until NEXT winter, at least. I DO want to see Kurt Geiger’s ‘Wild’ boots, though. Very much, in fact. Actually, I’d rather like to see the nude version shown at the top of the page on my feet right now, because these boots really do have it all, as far as I’m concerned. I love the nude upper, and have been desperately searching for boots in this colour for months now. I also love the studs: well, that goes without saying, doesn’t it? Finally, the shape is just perfect, with its high heel, pointed toe and slightly ruched ankle: everything a Shoeperhero could possibly want in a pair of boots, in other words.

I tend to think of boots very much as an Autumn/Winter thing, and always feel a bit odd about wearing them during the rest of the year, even if the weather is cold enough to warrant them. This year, however, I’m determined to … well, to stop being so stupid, basically. I think it’s high time I came to terms with the fact that, here in the UK, it’s very rarely too warm for a pair of ankle boots, and that’s another reason why I like the top pair: the pale colour will work year-round, and doesn’t scream “winter”, the way so many other boots do.

I’m less keen on the black/silver combo, and absolutely HATE the pale denim version which is also available (which is why I haven’t shown you it): once again I find myself fascinated by how much difference a simple colour choice can make to how I feel about a shoe.

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P.S. Having typed the words “Wild boots” a few times in this post, I now find I have Duran Duran’s ‘Wild Boys” stuck in my head. I thought I’d pass it on to the rest of you, too. You’re welcome!

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